The MARS Team

Chantelle Lincoln is one of the co-founders and co-presidents of MARS@AUT. She has attained various scholarships and has previously completed a Bachelor of Business (Management and Business Economics), Postgraduate Diploma of Business and has finished a Master of Business around social entrepreneurship and resource management at Auckland University of Technology.

Chantelle is one of the co-founders and co-presidents of MARS@AUT. She has 10 years’ experience working in customer service, retail and event management alongside other various roles in logistics, resource management and training and recruitment. With a passion for social entrepreneurship, event management and consulting, Chantelle has been a part of an assortment of projects and events with organisations such as; Investment Trusts, SIFE, the Friends of Arataki Society, Comm-Unity, NZ Blood, SEA, The Heart Foundation and AUT amongst the few.

Since completing her Masters, Chantelle has stayed at AUT working full-time as an equity coordinator for the business faculty. Working with the best of both worlds, Chantelle is able to work with business partners and community groups while staying connected to a hub of innovation and learning through working at the university. The nature of her role allows her to support young Maori, Pasifika and disabled business students and help them develop their potential through their tertiary journey.

Chantelle is a proactive individual that loves to have conversations with a variety of people and collaborate where possible – a process of connecting the dots for the wider benefit. Other interests include: start-up consulting, getting involved in community projects, mentoring, resource management, training and development and media design.

“Being able to connect industry with next generation business leaders through projects, events and external opportunities is a real passion. The thing that stood out for me when we first were coming up with the MARS@AUT concept was the potential opportunities it could bring to not only students but also industry. There are a lot of unexplored facets around marketing, advertising, retailing and sales – especially in New Zealand and it would be awesome to initiate some of those conversations and help grow something that is beyond us!”

Megan Phillips is the other co-founder and co-president of MARS@AUT. She previously completed her Master of Philosophy in Marketing at Auckland University of Technology, along with a bachelor of business in Retailing and Management and honours in Marketing.

Megan has received multiple awards whilst at the university and has recently been awarded the Vice-Chancellors Doctoral Scholarship. Megan is undertaking her Phd looking at the store environment (supermarkets) and its influence on shoppers healthy food choices.

She works part-time at the university as a teaching assistant and contract lecturer, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate papers. Undergraduate papers include Research for MARS, Shopper Environment and Behaviour, Retailing management, Integrated Marketing Communications and postgraduate papers include Applied Marketing Concepts and Issues and Innovations in Retailing.

Megan has had 8 years experience within the food retail industry which sparked her interest for shopper behaviour. She has worked on store set-ups, compiled operations manuals, managed and trained staff and completed various marketing research projects for various companies such as Countdown, Pak n Save, Reduced to Clear, Trust Investments Ltd and Trader James.

Megan has a passion for music, dance, creativity and keeping fit. She says “I look forward to meeting new people and helping students to develop to their full potential”.