MARS Projects

Every year we get to work with a number of awesome companies and brands!
These projects allow us to advance our skills and apply what we have learnt in class to real 

life business problems.

The Marketing Association Brand Challenge

A national, team-based competition including 8 universities across the country. A team of four of the best and brightest creative and commercial students from MARS@AUT compete with their counterparts in other universities to showcase their talent and contribute to solving real-life challenges faced by business. Students have the ability to enhance their practical skills by applying their academic knowledge and also a great opportunity to engage with industry.

Next competition: 17 August 2014

The Marketing Association Brand Challenge

MA Brand Challenge Team 2013

Pass-the-idea Challenge

Pass-the-idea is a cloud-based ideation and collaboration platform. Pass-the-idea and MARS@AUT collaborated in 2013 to give MARS@AUT members the opportunity to apply current learning’s to real-life business problems. Pass-the-idea is an opportunity for students to met the client organisations in a debriefing session, put forward their ideas in a online manner (pass-the-idea), present ideas back to the client organisation (top students), and gets one-on-one time with the organisation (usually one student), which can range from paid internships, to co-op placements, to shadowing a manager within the organisation for the day. Not only do the organisations who are involved gain greater solutions to their marketing problems but they are able to tap into an elite alliance of students.

A number of challenges have been completed so far with great organisations such as Tourism NZ, Lion Nathan and Coca Cola Amatil Ltd.

Tourism NZ: Richard Ott had the top idea for the Tourism NZ challenge and was selected to go into the organisation for a day to gain insights into their daily operations. Tourism NZ was very impressed with Richard and he was offered a co-operative placement over the summer.

Lion Nathan Challenge: Sutharson Ab was the winner of the Lion Challenge and has been given the opportunity to shadow the brand manager for Issac’s cider for a couple of weeks.

The Lion Challenge

The coca cola challenge: The management at Coca Cola were so impressed with the quality of ideas and the presentations given that they decided to take on two students instead of one for the paid internships. Congrats to Kenyon and Jess! Amin, Angus, Haodi and Vrinda  won the prize draw for participation each receiving a $100 prezzy card and L&P and Pump merchandise. Coca Cola was so great that they gave us all cases and cases of free L&P and Pump!!!

coca-cola challenge

Coca cola Pass-the-Idea Challenge winners 2014

V Trade Up Challenge

Students were given a case of V and asked to turn it into something of equal or greater value. Each student was given a month to trade and in this time they could trade as many times as they wanted. The student who turned their case of V into the most valuable item will be the winner of the challenge (challenge still in progress). All items will be sold on Trade Me and all profits will go back into MARS@AUT. This initiative is a step in the direction of becoming a more sustainable student club for years and years to come.