Get Involved

Gone are the days where a bachelors’ degree will secure you a job! That extra-curricular activity aka “experience alongside a degree” is what industry are truly looking for! If you have an interest in Marketing, Advertising, Retailing or Sales and want to gain experience and skill that will help you propel you future. Get involved! You will love it! 

General membership

By becoming a member of MARS@AUT you will be actively engaged in roles that are specific to your degree/s or interests e.g. web design, print media, event management, financials, marketing and advertising, magazine creation etc. MARS@AUT will provide members with a competitive advantage over fellow students as, current learning’s are applied within an organisational environment, work completed can be put into your CV, first-hand knowledge is gained which is not readily available within lectures, networking skills will develop, industry perspective and inspirations from leading and emerging professionals will be attained and opportunities for potential co-op placements or employment within organisations could eventuate.

Members must be students in their second year or beyond at Auckland University of Technology, show passion for their subject, are high achieving, committed and motivated to work.

If you are thinking this sounds awesome and it is YOU, apply now, we want you! Download an application form here.

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